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UTDS Core Values


At UTDS, professionalism is the hallmark of our associates as well as of our company. This is evident in our strict adherence to the highest levels of integrity, technical expertise, client-centred approach to service delivery, reliability and commitment to our own ongoing learning, growth and development.  Check out the testimonials from past clients and other stakeholders for further information.


UTDS’ confidence in the quality of our work translates in our willingness to be fully accountable for the advice and services we provide. Our client engagement strategy reflected in our corporate tagline CONSULT > CONCEIVE > CREATE helps to ensure that our services are fit for purpose and directly responsive to our clients’ needs and the specific objectives and outcomes which we confirm prior to commencing an engagement.


In addition to our strategic orientation, UTDS is particularly effective and efficient at getting things done – i.e. producing results at the operational level. We marry this strong results-orientation with significant focus on building and maintaining relationships with our clients. Please see our client testimonials for validation of this assertion.


how can we help you?

UTDS welcomes the opportunity to CONSULT with you and help to CONCEIVE and CREATE high performance solutions for your organization.

I have had the good fortune to work with Ms. Joan Underwood of Underwood Talent Development Services (UTDS) in the capacity of fellow coach and facilitator specifically in the areas of Talent management and human resource development. Joan’s understanding of the primal context of human resource development is second to none. This coupled with an intimate and grass root feel of the socio-political frameworks which undergird our Caribbean region, makes Joan and her practice, the go to firm for organisation’s who really want to hone and realize the potential of their human capital.

The business of talent development is not one that is often given much attention by organisation’s until crisis stage at which time the ask is often for a quick fix. With UTDS the focus is not only on just in time solutions but timely and sustainable solutions that are created with the client in mind. The environment created through the UTDS programmes are punctuated with best practice methodologies with high doses of common sense intended for practical application. For this reason, what is shared by Joan and her team not only sticks with the participants engaged in the training/coaching but transforms and modifies their outcomes – a true mark of success in human behaviour modification.

Marsha Lewis, Principal, Human Capital Development Division, LCI Inc.
Principal, Human Capital Development Division, LCI Incorportaed