Join UTDS Joan Underwood and the Cave Hill School of Business for an Executive Leadership Programme which will be held in Miami from June 13th – 15th. This programme offers an intensive short term opportunity to executives and senior managers who want to challenge themselves to grow and become better equipped to cope with the greater expectations of their various stakeholders.


The programme has been designed to achieve five major objectives:

  1. Provide leaders with quantitative self-assessment measures and individualized executive coaching to create strategies for growth and improvement.
  2. Enable leaders to improve their skills in strategic and timely decision making in complex and dynamic organizations.
  3. Offer leaders techniques and knowledge to better engage the employees in their organization.
  4. To help leaders strengthen their skills in creating transformation in their organizations.
  5. To improve the ability of the leaders to work with Big Data and Business Analytics.

Click here to see the full brochure for further details including pricing and registration form.

Click here to view the flyer

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