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Who you are – i.e. what is your past and/or current role?

My name is Lisa James and I’ve spent the last 4 decades fulfilling my passion for empowering individuals and organizations to reach their fullest potential, through my roles as HR Practitioner, Learning & Development Facilitator and Organization Development Consultant.

What problem do you think is addressed by the book?

I endorse this book as a treasure-trove of information and a must read for all managers…whether aspiring, new or seasoned. Joan, as an experienced Manager, Executive and HR Specialist herself, explores all the critical areas that a Manager must address in order to successfully navigate personal or organizational challenges.  Starting with Managing Self, followed by Managing Others, then exploring the skills required for Managing Systems and Processes, this well-stocked First Aid Kit provides the tips and techniques to sustain its readers in carrying out their supervisory and managerial roles.

How/why do you think that the book is helpful?

What makes this book such an indispensable tool to the Manager, is its very pragmatic approach.  In keeping with the First Aid Kit concept, the reader is readily able to put their finger on the answers they need to their most perplexing issues.  The way that each chapter is laid out, makes it easy to glean information, grasp the concepts and apply these learnings to actual situations faced in the workplace. Additionally, the user friendly format is enhanced by the excellent writing style, which I would describe as a mix of conversational and educational, interspersed with flashes of humour. The result is a valuable go-to resource for anyone in management.

My name is Laurie M. Louard, an HR Professional with over 10 years’ experience. In my current role as Manager at PDV Caribe Antigua and Barbuda Limited,my responsibilities include the recruitment and selection of new staff along with performing regular performance evaluation of staff to identify areas for further training and development. I also manage the daily operations of the office and foster teamwork in a healthy work environment. Currently, as President of the Human Resource Professionals of Antigua and Barbuda (HRPAB) and the territory representative for Antigua and Barbuda at the Caribbean Society of HR Professionals (CSHRP), my focus is on the development and support of HR Professionals for the improvement of employee engagement and productivity in our region. 


I think that this project is very timely especially as we continue to navigate the anxieties and uncertainties of the pandemic. As leaders, we tend to leave ourselves undone while we attend to the needs of others but this book and particularly Chapter Seven shines a light on some of our realities. The statistics shared in this chapter are very instructive and speak volumes about how we have allowed ourselves to evolve into overachievers with misplaced values on what is important. The content is very well written and presented in true “Joan fashion” with splashes of humour that make it even more enjoyable to read.  The pandemic has brought mental health and wellness back to the forefront for us “busy people” and I hope that as you read these pages that you will receive the message and make the necessary adjustments and “reform” your behaviour as well.

***Hello, I’m Shemelia Arrindell a licensed esthetician and former Spa Supervisor. I am an entrepreneur as the owner of Zen Body & Skin Care, a day spa in Antigua. 

My participation in Level Up was driven by the fact that I know Ms. Underwood is a phenomenal professional and I admire the quality of her work and the person she is. For years I have always taken her professional advice as solid and credible, grounded in her many years of experience in various industries and cultural exposure.

The program highlighted a few challenges I encountered as a supervisor. Mainly, managing my emotional intelligence, and managing people.

It is always a pleasure to listen to and learn from Ms. Underwood. I am looking forward to her book and her spreading her knowledge to other professionals. ***

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