Managers’ First Aid Kit Workbook

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Manager’s First Aid Kit Practical Workbook 

There can be no improvement without reflection. Reflect, engage, and manage well with the Managers’ First Aid Kit and this companion Practical Workbook as key tools in your managerial toolkit.

The self-reflection and application exercises contained in this Workbook will help you to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence that you need to succeed. The intention is for you to use this Workbook just as you would use a first aid kit – i.e., to prevent small problems from becoming bigger problems requiring more drastic intervention.

With diligent application of these tools, you will become increasingly better equipped to master your role as a manager, entrepreneur or leader.

What Others are saying

I love this book! It is filled with many practical tips that can be implemented right away.

Megan Samuel-Fields, Entrepreneur

“Time management” is forever a challenge that we all need to master in both our professional and personal lives. It is interesting to read Joan’s take that the way to surmount this challenge is from the perspective of priority management and I truly appreciated her well laid out process.

Laurie Louard, Operations Manager

It’s like a coach in a book and walks you through steps to shifting the narrative from managing time to managing priorities with solid examples on what the output of each step looks like. 

I’ve been recently asked to produce my own professional goals based on how I can support my department’s (and the company’s) larger mission. This e-book has been very helpful in terms of managing my priorities and how to handle and make space for impromptu requests.

Carissa Warner, Commercial Executive

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