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Leadership development programming has been described as the holy grail. In a recent article McKinsey cited research revealing that that US companies spend almost $14 billion annually on leadership development. The same article also stated that top business schools charge in the range of US$150,000 per person for customized leadership development offerings. Despite the foregoing, the majority of firms globally admit that leadership development remains among their top concerns.

UTDS’ approach to leadership development addresses some of the primary reasons why leadership development programmes often don’t produce the desired results. Here are some examples of the pitfalls and how we overcome them:

  • Failure to take context into consideration: rather than adopting a one-size fit all approach to leadership development, UTDS works with clients using our three-part methodology of CONSULT > CONCEIVE > CREATE in order to arrive at fit-for-purpose solutions.
  • Lack of focus on learning transfer and application: Many leadership development programmes have a strong academic focus. However, adult learning research has shown that adults typically retain only about 10 percent of what they learn in a classroom compared to two-thirds retention associated with learning by doing. UTDS utilizes experiential learning and emphasizes learning transfer and application of lessons learnt on the job.
  • Failing to measure results : We strongly encourage clients to go beyond the traditional participant feedback/evaluation forms and identify specific performance targets or business impacts against which progress can be assessed. We have found that once leaders have a say in identifying the desired outcomes and they begin the programme with that end in mind, the level of engagement and motivation increase.

UTDS also utilizes Erickson International’s Solution-Focused Coaching as part of our Leadership Development programming. Erickson’s Art and Science of Coaching Program is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This approach to coaching is highly client-centred and action-oriented. Instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for present dissatisfaction, Solution-Focused coaching promotes change through a process leading to fundamental shifts in attitudes, behaviours and habit formation. For further information about UTDS’ coaching services, please complete a request for our complimentary exploratory consultation.

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