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Welcome to the Underwood Talent Development Service (UTDS) weekly blog post.UTDS is a Caribbean consulting firm with global reach.Our target audience includes C-level Executives, Directors, Human Resource Managers, and Senior Public Sector Officers (both technical and administrative) as well as individual public and private sector leaders.

Our talent development services are designed to relieve some of the frustration experienced by government agencies, parastatals, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual leaders.If you are committed to pursuing your personal and professional development and to facilitating similar development in your organization, then the UTDS weekly blog can contribute to your pursuit of that goal.

At UTDS, we have an unwavering commitment to building relationships and delivering results. Our team has a proven track record of effectively leveraging this particular polarity[1]. Our weekly blog will advance the dialogue on key issues related to both elements  i.e. building and maintaining relationships and ensuring that individual leaders and their organizations develop the habit of flawless execution accompanied by accountability for results.

law-of-polarity imageWhat’s one polarity that you find yourself being required to manage either as an individual or as the leader of a team/organization?

Our blog will engage you in dialogue at both the strategic and operational levels (Did you notice that this represents another polarity?) as we challenge you to think differently about the challenges that you encounter each and every day.

To ensure that you receive the blog delivered to your inbox each week, please visit us at and subscribe. Alternatively, you may follow us on Twitter @utdsinc. We look forward to hearing from you including your suggestions for future topics.

[1] Polarities are defined as paradoxes which appear to be mutually exclusive but which actually require balance to achieve optimum results. Follow the link provided for a primer on polarities.

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